Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kerala PSC Physics Question

1.What  is  the  unit  of  potential difference ?

2.Knot is used for measuring
 Speed of ships

3. Unit of work

4.Unit of viscosity of fluid

5.Decibel is the unit for measuring the intensity of

6. What is the S.I. unit of pressure?

7.What is the S.I. unit of magnetic field  strength?
 Ampere per metre

8.Which is the smallest unit of distance used in Nuclear Physics?

9.The unit used to measure radio activity

10.What is the unit of frequency?

11.The power of the Engine is calculated by
Horse  Power  (One  HorsePower = 746 watt)

12.The unit of Capacitance

 13.The unit of Inductance

14.The  unit  of  atmospheric  pressure
Bar (One Bar=76cm of Hg)

15. Unit of force

16.Unit of Electric charge

17.Unit of Electric resistance


18.Which  instrument  converts mechanical energy into electrical  energy?

19.Which  instrument  converts light  energy  into  electric  energy?
Photo electric cel

20.Which instrument used to convert  A.C.  current  to  D.C.  current?

21.Which  is  the  instrument  employed to change the voltage in an electric circuit?

22.What is the use of Altimeter?
To measure the altitude

23.What is the use of Ammeter?
 To measure the flow of electric current in a circuit

24.What is the use of Anemometer?
To  measure  the  force  or speed of the wind

25.What is the use of Electroscope?
To measure the electrostatic charge

26.What is the use of Calorimeter?
To  measure  the amount  of heat

27.What is the use of Speedometer?
 To  indicate  the  speed  of  a vehicle

28.What is the use of Fathometer?
To  measure  the  depth  of water (1 fathom = 6 ft)

29.What is the use of Periscope?
To  observe  objects  of  the surface from the submarine

30.What  is  the  purpose  of Mariner’s compass?
To find out the direction of the ship in the sea

31.What is the use of Steroscope?
 To see the photos taken by two cameras  placed at  two different angles

33.What is the use of Hygrometer?
To measure the humidity of atmosphere.

34.What is the use of Galvanometer?
 To measure electric currents

35.What is the use of Microscope?
To magnify tiny object

36.What is Lactometer ?
device used to measure the relative density  of  milk  to determine its purity

37.What is Pyrometer ?
Used  to   record  hightemperature  from  a  great distance

38.What is Hydrophone ?
 It  is used  for  recording  of sound inside water

39.What is an electric oscillator ?
 It  converts  Direct  Current into Alternating Current


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